Mira Björkman

Dancer - started working part time with Claire Parsons Co 2010. Since 2013 Mira is a full time company member.

Where do you originally come from? 
I grew up in Skogsnäs, a small village with 60 inhabitants in the rural regions of northern Sweden. 

Some highlights from your professional life
I have so many good memories, that it is hard to distinguish just a few! I am grateful that I have been in a variety of projects and situations with such fantastic colleagues and artists on stage in performances that have great value for me personally. A memory that is stronger than the rest is performing Marmalade for underprivileged children in New York. Their joy and enthusiasm go beyond description!  

Why do you want to perform for children and young audiences?
I love the direct connection, the spontaneous comments and exclamations that children express during our shows. Children are so honest about what they are seeing. I really appreciate this honesty. It is hard to beat an audience of bubbly laughing 2 year olds. 

About Mira Mira studied at the university college of dance/DOCH in Stockholm, and has worked as a freelance dancer since 2006 when she completed her studies. 

Mira has worked with different choreographers, groups and artists in Sweden; Gunilla Heilborn, Ossi Niskala, Cirkus Cirkör, Camilla Ekelöf, Kathleen Quinlan Zetterberg, Santiago Sierra and Tino Seghal at MDT, The House of Dance, NorrlandsOperan, Zebradans and Magasin 3 in Stockholm. She has toured in Sweden and internationally with several of the performances.  

Foto: Tina Axelsson