Viktor Gyllenberg

Dancer and circus artist - works full time with Claire Parsons Co since 2013.

Where are you from?
I grew up in Kallhäll, north of Stockholm where I did various sports like ice hockey, football and skateboard. When I was eleven I started to juggle together with my cousin. When I was 15 I went to High School at Cirkus Cirkör in Botkyrka and after that to the Dance and Circus university program. I completed my studies in juggling and dance acrobatic disciplines in 2008.

Some highlights from your professional life
One of my first and foremost highlights was creating a major success with the circus and dance performance Overalls for the company VIFIRA that I co-founded. Overalls was one of the very first circus performances for young audiences in Sweden.  

Major highlights have of course also been that I have co-created and performed the Claire Parsons Co work Marmalade! And that we were selected for BIBU, The Swedish Performing Arts Biennial and keep touring extensively in Sweden and internationally. It is enormously fun and inspiring to be a company member, to be part of developing the company and the Claire Parsons Co productions. This is an honour! 

Another highlight is that I have been vice president for Manegen, the Swedish Circus Organisation for circus and street theater. I am proud that we now have daily training for professional circus artists in Stockholm and Malmö and that we have established a circus advisor in the Stockholm Cultural Region. 

Why do you want to perform for children and young audiences? For me, it is a wonderful thing. The direct contact, the spontaneous reactions and the genuine joy that I experience when a young audience member is moved by a show is invaluable. To also get the opportunity to  perform so many shows is challenging as well as rewarding.

Foto: Tina Axelsson