Photos: Martin Skoog, Mats Åsman, Petra Hellberg


AND THEN… to Berlin in January

Photo: Mats Åsman

January 23-24 2018 AND THEN… will open the Purple Internationales Tanzfestival für junges Publikum in Berlin. This is the second edition of the six day festival with performances, workshops and more at several venues in the city. All dedicated to children and youth from 6 years and up, aiming to awaken their curiousity about dance.
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SIGNAL – PREMIERE November 5th

Welcome into a poetic, surprising and delightful performance of new perspectives. In SIGNAL you can sit, stand and walk. And hold someone’s hand if you want to!

November 5th 2017 was the world premiere of SIGNAL by Claire Parsons Co at Dansens Hus in Stockholm, Sweden. SIGNAL is a performance that invites you in, sends out and signals. A play with movement, sound, light, film and images. In SIGNAL, the dancers and the audience are in the same space – experiencing the performance together.

What is a signal and how do they work? SIGNAL takes place in a marvellous world where physicality and sounds appear in new contexts. Being in front of or behind, in the middle and in the periphery, communicating and sending signals. To send a signal is also to communicate meaning; feelings and impressions.
Set designer and artist Anna Nyberg and composer Mikael Svanevik create spaces where sound moves with the performers, far away or close. The music is in part inspired by radio sound scapes. Short waves. Long waves. Waves of noise. Music and sound that points to the future and also looks back. 

Choreography Claire Parsons Performers Mira Björkman, Viktor Gyllenberg, Elin Hallgren, André Kaliff, Linn Ragnarsson Set design Anna Nyberg Music Mikael Svanevik Light design Mira Svanberg Costume Bitte Palm Mask Gunilla Pettersson Photo and film in performance Tina Axelsson Photo Martin Skoog

Family performance from 5 years, at Dansens Hus in Stockholm (SE).
Public performances November 5th at 1 pm & 3 pm.
School performances November 6-7 at 10 am & 1 pm.  R

Thank you to
The Swedish Cultural Council, The Swedish Arts Council, The City of Stockholm Cultural Department, The Culture Department for the Region of Stockholm… and to producers and directors who work to promote good performances and art experiences for young audiences!

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GRASS to Berlin in November

November 25th 2017 GRASS will perform at The FEZ Puppet Theatre Festival in Berlin, Germany. FEZ  is the largest non-profit cultural center for children, youth and families in Berlin. The festival is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.
GRASS is presented with suppport from the Swedish Embassy in Berlin.

”It is imaginative, absolutely wondrous and ingenious."
/Svenska Dagbladet

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MARMALADE to NYC in November

Photo Mats  Åsman

MARMALADE will be at the prestigious New Victory Theater in New York City November 10-19 2017. 20 performances in all! We are happy to hear that the tickets are selling fast. Contact us as soon as possible for complimentary tickets. 

The performances in the U.S. are made possible with travel grants from the Swedish Arts Council and the Stockhom City Cultural Council.
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