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Marmalade is a delicious, tactile performance about meeting, mixing and blending. The two performers taste and feel in poetic movements and circus actions while creating an exquisite and visual experience together with the audience. Marmalade looks at the world through body, eye, feeling and taste in a room with fluffy skirts, soft circus and Fellini music.

Marmalade has performed over 300 shows in sold-out tours in Sweden since its premiere in September 2013. It was selected for APAP in New York City 2014 and IPAY 2015, Swedstage, SUBCASE and The Swedish Performing Arts Biennal 2015.  Following the first meeting with American audiences, Marmalade has been invited to tour in the U.S, Singapore, Japan, Africa, Russia and Europe.

Marmalade is Claire Parsons’ first dance production for the very young, 2 – 6 year olds.

November 10, 2017, MARMELADE is shown at The New Victory Theater i  New York (20 perfomances)!


Press quotes and audience voices
"This performance is like an exquisite dancing circus act embedded in red tones that echo in the large red balls and puffy skirts." / Svenska Dagbladet

"So good I almost fainted" / Imre, 4 years old, Gefle Dagblad

Choreography Claire Parsons
Performers Mira Björkman/alt. Moa Westerlund and Viktor Gyllenberg/alt. Elin Hallgren
Scenography Anna Nyberg
Mask Gunilla Pettersson
Costume Bitte Palm
Music arrangements Mikael Svanevik
Light Olof Carlsson

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