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Photo: Mats Åsman

And Then...

And Then... is dance and soft circus expressed in a polyphonic and imaginary world. Four characters meet to tell and present their story in different ways. Objects roll around, things move and perspectives change through dance, speech and song. Someone is talking about dancing bees, another about dexterous opposites and ingeniousness. 

And Then... is a suggestive puzzle, a playful treasure hunt and a riddle. Inspired by new research into neurodiversity this is a world where everything is equal in value: the animated room, body and sounds. What is it like to be in a world where we cannot discern any single experience - where everything is of the same value?

In October and November 2018 Claire Parsons Co. was performing AND THEN at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, as a part of the Kids Euro Festival. Watch the show below - recorded October 28th at The Kennedy Centre.
With Viktor Gyllenberg, Andre Kaliff, Linn Ragnarsson and Amanda Roynesdotter.
Linda Zachrisson, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs in Washington, introduces the company.

Special thanks to the Embassy of Sweden and Cultural Attaché Linda Zachrisson and incomparable cultural progam officer Jenny Mählkvist Cabezas for inviting us to be part of a fantastic Euro Kids Festival and arranging an amazing week.
Thank you also for the economic support that made this possible!

Press quotes
”And Then is a charming dance of lost threads. A delightful performance about telling stories and about being interrupted. Here reality cannot be categorized and instead becomes a wondrous world filled with fantasy and imagination.” / Svenska Dagbladet

Choreography Claire Parsons
Original cast Mira Björkman, Emelie Garmén, Viktor Gyllenberg, André Kaliff 
Cast fall 2018 Mira Björkman, André Kaliff, Amanda Roynesdotter, Linn Ragnarsson
Scenography Anna Nyberg
Mask Gunilla Pettersson
Costume Bitte Palm
Music arrangements and original music Mikael Svanevik
Light Olof Carlsson

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Practical information:

Watch a trailer

Here is a short trailer for And Then:

January 23-24 2018 AND THEN… opened the Purple Internationales Tanzfestival für junges Publikum in Berlin. Watch the festival trailer!

In January 2017 Claire Parsons Co. performed AND THEN... at IPAY in Madison, Wisconsin. IPAY-  International Performing Arts for Youth. In this short film some of them will tell you why they think IPAY is so important! And you will also get a glimpse of our performance AND THEN...

Press photos

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And Then... Photo Mats Åsman
And Then... Photo Mats Åsman
And Then... Photo Mats Åsman
And Then... Photo Mats Åsman