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Photo: Malin Grönberg / Norrlandsoperan


In BRASS! three dancers perform with three musicians playing brass instruments. Music from different periods mix with dance expressions in a show stopping room. The action centers around a concert, a performance and a meeting with the audience.

BRASS! was a commissioned work for NorrlandsOperan, one of Sweden's foremost institutions for live music and innovative dance. BRASS! premiered at Norrlandsoperan i Umeå (SE) 2013. This piece received standing ovations by high school students in northern Sweden.

Choreography, creation: Claire Parsons
Dancers: Annika Hyvärinen, Mira Björkman, Viktor Gyllenberg
Musicians from NorrlandsOperan Symphony Orchestra Linus Mattsson (Tuba), Jonas Olsson Hakelind (Clarinet), Daniel Hedin (Trombone).
Scenography: Katarina Wiklund
Costume design, hair and mask: Gunilla Pettersson
Dramaturgy: Tove Salmgren
Music arrangement
: Calle Rasmusson