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Photo Bengt Wanselius

Four Girls

Inspired by Pablo Picassos play The Four Little Girls, FOUR explores the idea of the creative and magical child. It celebrates play and creativity in an adventurous room where anything can happen.

FOUR  is a visual feast with dada inspired humour and a cut-out Picasso on stage.
FOUR was performed at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm for their exhibit Picasso- Duchamp.

Choreography and direction: Claire Parsons
Original cast: Jennie Lindström, Andrea Svensson, Sanna Söderholm.
Original music: Anna Gustavsson
Costume: Bitte Palm
Mask: Gunilla Pettersson
Scenography: Katarina Wiklund
Dramaturg: Tove Salmgren

Premiere September 8, 2012, Dieselverkstaden Nacka (SE)