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Photo: Martin Skoog


SIGNAL is a performance that invites you in, sends out and signals. A play with movement, sound, light, film and images. In SIGNAL, the dancers and the
audience are in the same space – experiencing and moving the performance forwards - together. Step into a poetic, surprising and delightfully willful performance with new perspectives. In SIGNAL you can sit, stand and walk. And hold someone’s hand if you want to!

What are signals and how are they created? In SIGNAL we are in a marvellous world where physicality and sounds appear in new contexts. To be in front of and behind, in the middle and the periphery, communicating and sending signals. To send a signal is also to communicate meaning; feelings, impressions, distance.
Set designer and artist Anna Nyberg and composer Mikael Svanevik create spaces where sound can move with the performers, and can be far away and close. The music is in part inspired by the radio sound scape. Short waves. Long waves. Waves of noise. It is music and sound that points to the future and looks back simultaneously. 
Choreographer Claire Parsons and her company make innovative, high quality performance art for young audiences. The work is praised for its visuals, performers and the precise interaction with the audience. With playful elegance and humour, audiences of all ages are invited in to experience new and exciting worlds with the performers.
 Four reasons why you should go and see SIGNAL:
1. It is a world premiere.
2. You can go with the whole family.
3. You are invited to sit, stand and move in an experience of sound and light in movement. 
4. It is a poetic, surprising and willful experience to be shared together.

World premiere at Dansens Hus, Stockholm November 5 - 7 2017.
Family performance, from 5 years.

Concept and staging Claire Parsons
Choreography Claire Parsons in collaboration with the performers
Performers Mira Björkman, Viktor Gyllenberg, Elin Hallgren
André Kaliff, Linn Ragnarsson
Cast spring 2019 Mira Björkman, David Nondorf, Viktor Gyllenberg, Linn Ragnarsson
Scenography  Anna Nyberg
Music Mikael Svanevik
Light Mira Svanberg
Costume Bitte Palm
Mask Gunilla Pettersson
Photo and film in the performance Tina Axelsson
Producer Anna Karlander

Supported by The Swedish Arts Council, The City of Stockholm Cultural Council, The Regional Arts Council of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.      

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Practical information:

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Filmed by Håkan Jelk.

Press Photos

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Linn Ragnarsson, André Kaliff, Mira Björkman, Elin Hallgren, Viktor Gyllenberg. Photo Martin Skoog
Linn Ragnarsson, Viktor Gyllenberg, Mira Björkman. Photo Martin Skoog
André Kaliff. Photo Martin Skoog.
Linn Ragnarsson, André Kaliff, Mira Björkman,Viktor Gyllenberg. Photo Martin Skoog
Linn Ragnarsson, Viktor Gyllenberg, Mira Björkman, André Kaliff. Photo Martin Skoog
Linn Ragnarsson, André Kaliff, Mira Björkman, Elin Hallgren, Viktor Gyllenberg. Photo Martin Skoog.