Join us outdoors for a moment of delicious dancing and music, with movement, juggling and a yellow companion in Claire Parsons Co’s new production YELLOW.

YELLOW is an outdoor performance suitable for open spaces and public spaces, a park or a museum. YELLOW suits audiences from 3 and up.

Three dancers show up at a place close to you. A yellow ball rolls across your space. A cone stands next door, red clubs fly by and a yellow companion appears.

”It was so inspiring, fun and interesting …”
/ Teacher from the preschool Kästa, Huddinge (SE)

”Is it over now?”

”No not yet”
”Good. I want to sit here for a thousand years.”
/ Audience conversation during a performance in Haninge (SE)

Claire Parsons
Mira Björkman, Viktor Gyllenberg,  Elin Hallgren 
Mikael Svanevik

Bitte Palm

Angelika Ekeberg

Photos by Thomas Hultgren.
These pictures may only be used in a relevant context, and the photographer must be credited.

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