Alexander Dam

Where are you from?
I was born and grew up in Stockholm.

 What is challenging / fun / defining in working and performing in Claire Parsons performances?
In SOON SWOON I feel invited to playfully explore ways of challenging different borders – the border between the oversized and everyday expressions, of being too close and standing at a secure distance, between understanding and not knowing. It is challenging and always fun to work with these contrasts.  

Why do you want to perform for children and young audiences?
Children and young audiences always fire things up in various ways (I have also been a child and I know what I’m talking about).  The interaction is always a fun motivator.  

Alexander’s dance training is based in various movement techniques and his experience in street dance, contemporary dance and contemporary circus focusing on improvisation. Alexanders commenced his artistic path in 2005 working within the Swedish street dance scene and subsequent national and international successes. He has also been a student of contemporary dance at The Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (S.E.A.D.) in Austria and since graduating he has worked with an array of choreographers, in projects and at institutions in Sweden and internationally. 

Alexander has worked with Claire Parsons Co. from spring 2020, performing and touring with Soon Swoon.

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