And Then is dance, poetics and delicious humor, mixing story telling, and polyphonic expressions in a multi disciplinary experience. And Then is about four people who want to tell us something. Who is telling the right story? And Then is a visual movement puzzle presented as a playful treasure hunt where the audience is invited in to participate.

And Then is inspired by research into neurodiversity and different ways of experiencing the world around us. This means being in situations where everything is equal in strength; space, sounds and bodies. To be in a world where everything is full value, what is that like?

2018 Claire Parsons Co. were in Washington DC to perform AND THEN at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as part of a month long tour in the country. Here is the performance from The Kennedy Center.

The Swedish cultural attaché Linda Zachrisson introduces the performance and also talks shortly about the House of Sweden in Washington DC.

The U.S tour was made possible with support from The National Cultural Council, The Swedish Embassy in Washington DC and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Young audience reactions

 “This was several millions great” 

“Such an artistic, exalted and detailed performance! One leaves the performance bursting with images and ideas.”

“A wonderful injection of fantasy for the senses and an artistic experience on many levels.”

”Performance art for young audiences of the highest quality!”

”Good day.

And then I saw the Claire Parsons’ production with my children and was simply overwhelmed! It was amazing. How so? At the surface you don’t know quite how to take it, our desire for obvious meaning and utility (what’s it all about and what is it for?) wants to crowd out the child-like tendency to just wonder and observe (WOW look at that!) I loved the sound track. The And Then” compositions really drew me in and left me with a desire for more!

Thank you very much for your time and attention to wonderful art.”

Mike Miehl Maryland

Claire Parsons
Mira Björkman, Emelie Garmén, Viktor Gyllenberg, André Kaliff
Anna Nyberg
Gunilla Pettersson
Bitte Palm
Mikael Svanvik
Olof Carlsson

Photographer: Mats Åsman.
The photos may be used only in connection to performances by Claire Parsons Co. The photographer’s name must be stated.

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