Jasmine Attié

Photo: Tina Axelsson.

About Jasmine:
Jasmine is educated at DOCH (Dance and Circus Academy) and has since freelanced, both nationally and internationally.

Since 2010, Jasmine has been part of the dance company JELNEK, which is primarily aimed at children and young people. Jasmine started working with Claire Parsons Co at the beginning of 2021 and has previously worked with productions by Simone Forti, Satoshi Kudo, ReAct !, Gilda Stillbäck, Un-Label, Linda Wardal, and Cally Spooner.

Where are you from?
– I was born and raised in Gothenburg and have lived in Stockholm since 2009.

What do you find is distinctive / fun / challenging about playing in Claire Parsons Co’s productions?
– Working with Claire’s choreographies awakens every single cell in my body. It requires an incredible presence and curiosity, which means that there are always new things to explore. A job that is both challenging and very fun!

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