Simon Wiborn

Photo: Tina Axelsson.

Where are you from?
– I am a Swedish dancer and acrobat. I grew up in a residential suburb of Stockholm with lots of cats. Unfortunately I am now allergic to cats but have a dog.

Some highlights from your professional life?
– For me, constant exploration is the culmination of this professional life. It is fantastic to dive into different processes and to meet people with different backgrounds and create an intimate “mini-universe”. To be able to play and discover artistic expressions is what drives me.

What is your background?
– I received my circus education via Cirkus Cirkör’s circus high school, The Dance and Circus University in Stockholm (DOCH) and AFUK. During my schooling, I also reveled in as many dance workshops as possible and was extremely inspired by the maturity of dance art.
I have toured with several circuses and dance companies, and choreographed my own performances and for Cirkus Cirkör. I have been a co-founder of Svalbard Company, which has toured the world and made several of its own productions, often in collaboration with Methinee Wongtrakoon.

Why do you want to do shows for children and young people?
– In the meeting with the young audience, there is uncensored communication that we easily lose growing up. Reactions come spontaneously, both orally and physically.
Seeing children and young people get involved, inspired and delighted by performing arts is rewarding, especially as we live in a time when children’s entertainment is largely experienced via screens. It is so important that our physical fantasies live on.

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