About high expectations and loving to dance with a suitcase full of party dreams.

A performance about big expectations and about loving to dance. With a suitcase full of party dreams, three friends explore every day adventures amongst whisks and plate arrangements. The audience joins in rolling the dough, whisking away and set the table.

A winner on the touring circuit, highly recommended by agents and family audiences.

Vibrating, tight and responsive. Claire Parsons choreography is as captivating for children and adults” DAGENS NYHETER 

”It is joyous and surprising, with associations as light as meringue popping up amongst the performers and audience.​​​​​​​” Expressen

”There is a whole lot of giggle when stacked plates try to escape, the dough starts to leave and the birthday person tries to creep into his present. 35 intense party minutes is concluded with a fun party recipe where the children get to choose their own ingredients. This is a real party! Södermanlands Nyheter

”A world class performance!Anna Jeppsson, Kulturhuset Mazetti i Malmö

Claire Parsons
Niklas Valenti, Oskar Frisk, Mira Björkman alt Emelie Wahlman
Bitte Palm och Claire Parsons
Gunilla Pettersson


Mikael Svanvik

Vispar Du? hade premiär i Lidköping 2005.

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