Elin Hallgren

Photo: Tina Axelsson.

Where are you from?
– I am born and raised in Norrköping. Educated at DOCH and the Ballet Academy in Stockholm. I have worked with Claire Parsons Co. since 2016 and performed in all of the repertory as well as new performances; And Then, Marmalade, GRASS, Signal, Soon Swoon and YELLOW.

What do you find is distinctive / fun / challenging about performing in these productions?
– For me, Claire’s productions are abstract and concrete at the same time, and leave a lot of room for children and young people’s imagination, which I really like. The performances are based on a particular timing that challenges the audience and those on stage. We interact a lot with the audience and need to be sensitive to the atmosphere or energy in each group to play the show in the best way. A children’s audience is rarely a polite audience, which is both exciting and refreshing.

The company has several performances on tour. What is it like to switch between the different characters in each performance?
– The different characters somehow have a common basic expression. Claire talks about not playing over a character but rather taking it from the physical expression in the body and letting it be seen on the face, thereby creating the character. So for me, it’s about shifting the physical more than playing different characters and that’s a starting point I like. There is a lot to be found in that work.

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